Niko is an interior design studio and homeware company established in Finland in 1967. The company's foundation rest upon the idea of working for bringing out the best of contemporary design.

We developed the brand idea “Modular furniture is the future of comfort”. As part of a brand evolution, this idea captured the company's emphasis on timelessness, progressiveness, craft, technology, and sustainability.
Brand Identity
Web Design
The logo mark was inspired by the stackable nature of contemporary furniture, the building blocks of creating a new room or home using architectural shapes (doors, archways, and tables).
Our palette had a Scandinavian influence with muted, neutral tones that would complement various furniture styles. These colours felt warm, contemporary, but simple and classic - something the Niko team was keen to convey.
The identity is rounded out by a packaging system thats light in colour, letting the furniture design remain centre stage.
We selected Royal Theatre Serif as our primary typeface for its balanced personality, which is forward-leaning and timeless. This felt right for a brand that wanted to combine modernity and retain its heritage.